Rhions Lab

Solving human-wildlife conflict, illegal wildlife trafficking and poaching using IoT and AI.

Our Values

We pride ourselves in upholding these values.

Biodiversity and Positive Impact

We exist to build solutions that help conserve biodiversity and foster social ties. The choices and actions we take are in effort to make the earth the perfect home to humans and wildlife.

Forward Thinking

Innovation, constant learning, and proactivity lie at the heart of everything we do as a company and we thrive on the quest to continuously improve user experience and deliver customer success.

Be Passionate

Passion for what we do embodies who we are as a company. We tackle all challenges with zeal and work relentlessly to develop cutting edge solutions.

Take Ownership

We live to our mission and values and take full responsibility for every decision and action we take, and we hold ourselves accountable for the results.


Our success is attributed to carrying the load together and forming meaningful partnerships and relationships that go a long way in achieving the set goals

Our Mission

Our mission is to be leaders in designing the state-of-the-art technology that fosters a harmonious coexistence between humans and wildlife.

Our Products

Our main goal is to help mitigate these problems completely at an affordable cost.

Rhions Trail

Rhions Trail is a wildlife tracking device that is collared on an animal with the current focus on elephants, lions, cheetahs, and lions for monitoring purposes. The device weighs less than 1% of the animal’s body weight and thus does not hinder feeding, hunting or reproduction. The device is also fitted with a remote-controlled drop-off mechanism for ease of drop off trigger. Collected data is accessible on a custom dashboard that allows monitoring with regular reporting and offers Realtime alerts and notifications.


Xoome is a wildlife camera trap that incorporates Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to accurately identify and categorize civilians, wild animals, wildlife rangers, and vehicles. The inferences are sent over to the cloud through an Internet of Things network to and alerts sent to the patrolling rangers. This provides a solution to the poaching menace


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